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    BZL8030 series of anti-corrosion and anti-explosion master controller(IIC)
    1、1 area, 2 area dangerous place.
    2、II A, II B, ⅡC style of explosive gaseous environment.
    3、Temperature group:T1~T6;
    1、Master controller composes of shell and explosion suppressive components shell's structure is safety-increasing,material are of pressed high-intensive anti-flaming,elegant appearance have antistatic function also resistance-impact.thern0-stability and anti-corrosion,Explosion suppressive control swith,which have function
    such as compact construction.reliability,small dimension,strong onoff capability,contactor have many kinds of connection type and operational places. Explosion suppressive control switch's construchion is compact and can assemble three settings,aslo the button have many available specifications such as mushroom type,rubber head model and lock type. Siganl lamp's craftwork is casting disposal,illuminating parts of button connects electrical power which have reasonable structure.xcellent explosion-proof.Current meter is safety-increasing type.
    2、The product have many available varieties,to speciify details if user choose.

    Main technical parameters
    Rated power
    Rated current (A)
    Cable’s outer diameter
    Inlet’s thread
    10  16
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